Royal Canadian Legion

Montgomery Branch 133

50 Old Enfield Road

Enfield, NS


Phone # 902 883-9610



“If We Forget, Who Will Remember”

 Legion Mission Statement 

Our mission is to serve veterans, 
which includes serving military and RCMP members 
and their families, 
to promote Remembrance 
and to serve our communities 
and our country.

Original Members

E M Arnold

W C Arnold

J Benere

L Benere

W J Benere

D S Brimacombe

C Ferguson

R E Fogarty

O Fraser

J Garden

E D Horne

G P Horne

G W Horne

V H Horne

C Isenor

J A Ledwedge

M Lucas

F A MacDonnell

J D Malloy

A A McDonell

L McDowell

A McKeen

J L OBrien

H Osborne

H L Palmer

L Parker

T Parker

H Swinhammer

F W Shackleton

J Thomson

D C Thomson

J G Thomson

C J White

J D White

J H White

S Wilson

Executive Meetings:  The 1st Tuesday of each month  7:00 pm

General Meetings: 

The 2nd Tuesday of each month  7:30 pm

All members are encouraged to attend.

(No general meetings during the months of  July & August.)

Taken from the  RCL Dominion Command Website

By the end of World War 1, there were a total of 15 Veterans groups and a number of regimental associations representing former service members in Canada. Despite their common goal – to help returned servicemen in need – their efforts were fragmented and largely unsuccessful. In 1925, an appeal for unity led to the formation of the Dominion Veterans Alliance. The Legion was founded in November of that year in Winnipeg, Manitoba as The Canadian Legion of the British Empire Services League (BESL). It was incorporated by special Act of Parliament, Charter issued in July 1926.

Initially, the principal objectives of The Legion were to provide a strong voice for World War I Veterans and advise the government on Veterans’ issues. However, World War II brought an influx of new demands and The Legion increased efforts to help Veterans and returned service members, as well as those serving abroad.

To this day, even with numerous changes over the years, including the adoption of our current name, the Royal Canadian Legion has never faltered in our efforts to improve the lot of veterans, ex-service members and their families. It has been our principal objective since day one, and we will continue to work for it every day forward.

Since 1926 the Legion has remained committed to advocating for those who serve and for all Veterans and their families including Canadian Armed Forces and RCMP members.


There is strength and power in numbers

Being a member of The Royal Canadian Legion offers a chance to be a part of your community on a local and national level, and, most importantly, it gives you the opportunity to support our Veterans, serving military, and to help foster the tradition of Remembrance.


Caring for our future

Although a key component of all of the work we do is to honour and remember not only those who have fallen, but also those who are currently serving in Canada’s military, we recognize that our youth also play a crucial role in the growth of our communities and in continuing the tradition of Remembrance.

Royal Canadian Legion- Dominion Command

Royal Canadian Legion - Nova Scotia/Nunavut Command

Veteran’s Affairs Canada

The Royal Canadian Legion tends to be a very vital part communities.

We support the community in various ways. Many branches offer seniors’ programs. sponsor cadets groups, provide rental spaces for events, and donate space for many community events.

Membership in the Legion at one time was more restricted, but membership requirements has broadened over the years.

Check out the RCL Dominion website for more information.

To become a member of Canada’s largest Veterans and community service organization, you must be 18 years of age or older; be a citizen of Canada, or a Commonwealth or NATO/Wartime Allied Country; and agree to The Royal Canadian Legion Terms of Eligibility.

There are various categories of membership. The information you provide at registration will determine your eligibility for each category.

Our Address:

Royal Canadian Legion, Montgomery Br 133

50 Old Enfield Road

Enfield, NS


Phone # 902 883-9610

Fax 883-9645


      The Royal Canadian

Montgomery Br 133

The above was a full page article in the Weekly Press.

Pat and Chad were the Branch Presidents at the time of the article.

Many thanks to those who participated in the Veterans’ Lawn Sign project.

It was nice to see the signs on lawns throughout the community

during Veterans’ Week.

There have been some enquires regarding the signs.

At this time there are no plans to place another order,

but if you happen to be interested, it is suggested that

you e-mail the Legion branch at:

stating your name, phone number, e-mail address, and the number of signs in which you would be interested. 

If there is enough interest, another order may be considered at a later date.

Honours & Awards Dinner & Dance

October 22nd. 6 pm

See “Events” page for further information

Current Executive Members